Build trust, increase conversions, and generate more sales on autopilot helps online businesses raise their conversion rates with 6 automated social proof tools in one easy-to-use platform - Leaving website

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98% of website visitors slip away without converting? displays positive customer feedback, ratings, and user activity automatically on your website. So you can build trust with your audience, increase conversions, and skyrocket your sales!

6 Powerful Tools. 1 Platform helps you show user activity on your website. In return, this builds customer trust, increases conversions, and jumpstarts your sales!


Show testimonials from satisfied customers automatically on your website. Fully GDPR compliant!

Video Testimonials

A new way to present testimonials.

Star Ratings

Show ratings for your products or services on your website and in Google for more organic traffic. 

Social Count

Show the number of your social media followers on your website and let your visitors become followers with a single click.

Coming in summer 2020.

Conversions & Conversion Totals

Display conversion numbers to your visitors – optins, sales, booked demos, etc. Boost your conversions without any extra work!


Increase demand by showing the number of your website visitors for a specific time period.

Integrates Seamlessly With Major Platforms

More conversions, less work

Turn your customers into your sales team takes your existing customers’ ratings, testimonials, and user activity information (without infringing on GDPR) and displays them to visitors – automatically – so you can build trust and convert more visitors into customers.

Without lifting a finger.



Higher Conversions

Social proof turns visitors into customers by creating trust.


Decreased CPA

With better conversions, you need fewer visitors to generate sales, which lowers your marketing costs.


Increased Trust

Social proof builds trust - the more people trust you, the more they will buy from you.

Social proof and notifications
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