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98% of website visitors slip away without converting


Nobody wants to be the first into the water. Visitors want evidence.

But chasing happy clients for reviews takes you away from the work you love. 

And that’s just the start. Manually uploading them to your website is a time-sucking nightmare. Now crowdy.ai is here to help.

More conversions, less work

Turn your customers into your sales team

crowdy.ai displays positive customer feedback, ratings, and user activity automatically on your website. Win trust, increase conversions, and smash your income goals.

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Best way to 4x your conversion rates

You’re gonna need a bigger wallet. Just 5 reviews makes people 4x more likely to buy. What would four times more sales do for your business?

crowdy.ai helps you make that vision a reality.

Written Testimonials

Show testimonials from satisfied customers automatically on your website. GDPR compliance is built-in.

Video Testimonials

Relieve visitors’ doubts about testimonial authenticity with eye-catching, persuasive video testimonials.

Star Ratings

Collect ratings for your services using your website or by email. Add them to Google search results to attract more people who are actively shopping for consultancy.

Follower Count

Prove you have a growing fan-base and encourage visitors to follow you with a single click

Coming in summer 2020.

Conversion Stats

Display how many consultations given, courses sold, books downloaded in real-time. Create excitement, urgency and FOMO so your visitors take action right away.

Visitor Numbers

Demand attracts demand. Display site visitor numbers for a set timeline -conversion dynamite when you’re running a time-limited offer like a group session, class or early bird discount.

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If you’re just done with tech completely, don’t worry. You don’t need to hire a VA or tech whizz. 

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