98% of visitors leave your website without converting

An easy-to-use platform that combines all types of social proof to raise your conversion rate

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Don't say goodbye to your prospects!

crowdy.ai is a set of social proof tools that maximize your conversions. By showing widgets with social proof, you turn your existing customers and visitors into your own salesforce.


crowdy.ai helps you show user activity on your website. In return, this builds customer trust, increases conversions, and jumpstarts your sales!

One platform. 6 tools

Conversions & Conversion Totals

Display conversion numbers to your visitors – optins, sales, booked demos, etc. Boost your conversions without any extra work!


Increase demand by showing the number of your website visitors for a specific time period.


Show testimonials from satisfied customers automatically on your website. Fully GDPR compliant!

Video Testimonials

A new way to present testimonials.
Coming soon.

Star Ratings

Show star ratings for your products, on your website and in Google for more organic traffic. 

Social Count

Show the number of your social media followers on your website and let your visitors become followers with a single click. Coming soon.

Simple integration

More conversions, less work

Marketing results without hiring a marketer!

You probably don’t have time to do marketing for your business. Hiring a marketer is too expensive, and when you do hire one, there’s no way to know that they will do what they promise.


But, there is a way to do marketing by using what you already have – your existing customers. crowdy.ai lets you take testimonials and ratings from your current clients and display them to visitors. When they see this social proof, visitors become your new clients.


Put your business’ marketing on autopilot, so you can do the work you do best!


Higher Conversions

Social proof turns visitors into customers by creating trust.


Decreased CPA

With better conversions, you need fewer visitors to generate sales, which lowers your marketing costs.


Increased Trust

Social proof builds trust - the more people trust you, the more they will buy from you.

social proof and noifications
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