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98% of clients slip away from the website without giving you a try


Nobody wants to be the first into the water. People want evidence.

Considering that, your supreme goal is to gain trust of potential customers. 

Testimonials of your existing clients with their positive experience and impressive results can actually prove that your work is worth every penny.

You need time for your business, not your website

Chasing happy clients for reviews takes you away from the work you love. And that’s just the start.

Asking people to record and upload video reviews without providing them easy-to-use tools is likely to fail.

In addition, manually collecting testimonials and displaying them on the website can become a time-sucking nightmare.

Now is here to help.

Simple process. Better business

Complete Video Testimonial Solution

Spice up written testimonials and humanize your work with eye-catching video reviews.

Ask your clients to record or upload their video testimonials right from the survey as well as make use of existing videos from Facebook, Youtube, etc.

Trusted & Verified Reviews

With testimonials by your future clients won’t doubt the fact that your clients’ love is real.

Video testimonials and integrated clients’ Social Media profiles are the best social proof ever.

Besides, doesn't slow down websites, so you display as many success stories as you like.

On-brand Web Surveys

Customer feedback surveys are the perfect tool for providing you the information necessary to keep clients satisfied and turn them into your advocates.

Create customized, white-labeled testimonial forms or rating (5 Stars & NPS) surveys and share links to get customer feedback.

Improved Customer Relationships

Personalization is a secret sauce behind successful communication with clients.

Add a personal touch to web surveys by including your own video message.

Shining Stars

Once you collect some feedback, let your overall customer rating speaks for itself with a Ratings widget on your website.

Also, display results from external rating services if you already gained a good reputation there.

Higher Website's Google Ranking

Enable the Rich Snippet feature that shows your stars in the Google Search results, making it easier to get more organic traffic.

Customized & Ready-Made Templates

Fully customize testimonials to match your website look and feel or choose one of the beautiful predefined templates to save time.

Built-in Email Services

Don’t switch back and forth between apps to get things done.

Add email addresses of your clients to, pick the day and time, personalize your email and send it directly from the dashboard.

eSigning Contracts

Sign online agreements with clients regarding publishing their testimonials on your website to establish a GDPR compliant relationship with them.

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Provide the very best customer experience

Collecting customer feedback is a must for every business in order to meet their needs and interests.

Use’s rating surveys privately to keep a finger on the pulse and create stronger relations with people. Find out what clients think about your product or service and make improvements if needed.

Plus, don’t miss a chance to benefit from a rating survey as an “appetizer” and automatically ask for a testimonial when you get a high client’s rating.

Win trust with a single click

83% of customers don’t trust advertising and choose to pay attention to customers’ recommendations online.

Сollecting powerful testimonials can be hard and time consuming, but you can automate the process with

  • Option 1
  • Option 2

You choose the kind of testimonial you want to get from a customer (text, video, or both), configure a form, customize it with your logo or video message (optionally), and send them a link to the form.

The result automatically appears in your dashboard. Then, you approve it and display this testimonial on your website to build trust and credibility with new customers.

You send out a rating survey and if a customer gives your service or product a good rating, immediately asks them for permission to publish this rating as a testimonial. Moreover, the platform offers to add an image, or even a video review, too.

Once you approve the publishing, testimonials go live on your website. As simple as that.

Smash your income goals

You’re gonna need a bigger wallet. Having just 5 reviews makes people 4x more likely to buy. What would four times more sales do for your business? helps you make that vision a reality.

The girl is satisfied because testimonials helped her increase income
Ready... Steady... GO!

Get more customer testimonials and ratings in less time

Step 1

Add to your website with a single line of code or use a WordPress plugin

Step 2

Create an appealing survey, send out its link and see results right from the platform

Step 3

Show the best testimonials online to attract new clients - Free onboarding and support

Not a techie?

If you’re just done with tech completely, don’t worry. You don’t need to hire a VA or tech whizz. 

Contact us and we’ll install for you, for FREE.

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