Cookie Consent

Make your website fully compliant with just one tool and never worry about GDPR again.

Consent for cookies, Facebook Pixel, Google Analytics, Google Remarketung, or any other platform out there – Cookie Consent tool makes your website fully compliant in one go.


GDPR Compliant

Under GDPR, you can no longer use cookies without visitors’ consent. Our cookie consent tool makes your site GDPR compliant.

Let Your Visitors Decide

Let visitors decide if they want to accept tracking cookies or not and let them opt out any time.

Custom Scripts

Use custom code to support cookie consent for solutions like Hotjar or Matomo.

Customize Your Consent

Customize your cookie consent with different formats, shapes and colors.

Google Analytics &Facebook Pixel

Set up consent for Google Analytics and Facebook Pixel in minutes – all you have to do is enter one line of code.

Real-time GEO Targeting

Only show cookie consent to EU citizens.

Your own style

Full customization

​​You can customize all the texts, labels and buttons.


Yes, you can contact us any time, using the Chat option on your dashboard. You will also find help videos in the dashboard.

Yes! The Cookie Consent tool works with all other tools based on Javascript. Cookie Consent comes with built in JavaScript for Google Analytics and Facebook Pixel, but you can add any custom scripts you want.

Yes, we have a WordPress plugin, so you can easily add it to your site.

Unfortunately, we cannot guarantee this for the time being. We are developing updates on our tool to make it possible in the future.

It does not automatically detect cookies and cannot block them automatically either. Once you insert a Javascript snippet, it creates a cookie which we deliver to you, based on the setting the visitor chooses.

Beta Available

Join the beta now and get free access is currently in beta, which means you get free access to all features, as well as personal help with setup.