vs Endorsal – Which Social Proof Tool is a Perfect Fit for Your Business?

The online business niche is becoming more and more competitive every single day. Millions of websites are live. Paid traffic is getting very expensive, the first positions in Google search are turning into a bloody battle.

As a result, letting users just leave your website without being converted is a death sentence for your business: you waste money, time, and efforts. Instead, you should do your best to engage website visitors and increase conversion rates. And here comes social proof, a game-changer for every online business.

Why is social proof so effective? The answer is simple: people are highly influenced by what others are doing. To increase conversion rates, demonstrate to potential clients that your services or products are being used frequently and successfully by others.

Luckily, there are many social proof tools you can choose from. These tools are a good addition to your growth strategy. But how not to be mistaken in choosing a perfect service? What could possibly go wrong? What social proof features do you need? How much does it cost? Let’s get this sorted out.

In this article, we will compare two social proof tools – and Endorsal and discover the pros and cons of each platform. 

Get interested? Keep reading! vs Endorsal feature overview

Let’s start from the main difference between and Endorsal: offers much more social proof features than its competitor. Endorsal is focused only on one type of social proof (text testimonials).

It also provides the following features:

  • Endform allows users to collect customer reviews on autopilot with testimonial request forms.
  • With the ‘Wall of Love’ feature, you can create a dedicated landing page of customers’ reviews.
  • The ‘Widgets’ feature lets users embed testimonials on their website.
  • So-called ‘FOMO popups’ are social proof notifications from Endorsal that display reviews from existing customers. also supports text testimonials but is not limited to them. Here’s a list of social proof types which is supported here (spoiler: supports all types of social proof):

  • Text Testimonials automates the process of collecting and displaying text testimonials: once a user converts on your website (sign-up, purchase, download), you send them a link. Once the user clicks on the link and shares their impressions with their picture, they can find an option to e-sign a contract. After that, automatically processes data. Once you approve the testimonial, it goes live on your website as: 1) a clickable notification widget, 2) a static or carousel element.

  • Video Testimonials

Video content is one of the most powerful marketing mediums. 64 percent of consumers more likely to make a purchase after watching a video because video content is more easy-to-consume, eye-catching, dynamic, and enjoyable compared to text one. is the most convenient way to collect and feature video testimonials. It allows you:

  • Make use of existing videos from Facebook, YouTube, etc.; 
  • Record your own video testimonials in a few easy steps; 
  • Upload any video file.

The workflow of getting a video testimonial is known to you already: after a conversion has happened, you send a link using your email software or‘s built-in email service. Your customer just hit the ‘Record’ button or uploads their own video and optionally e-sign a contract. Then, works on the data and features the video testimonial on the website after your approval. Simple as that. 

  • Conversions

The ‘Conversions’ feature allows you to show recent conversions to your website visitors, using notifications: sales, bookings, downloads, subscriptions, or whichever conversion action you want.

If you don’t have enough number of recent conversions, you can use Conversion Totals. It shows the sum of your conversions:

  • Visitors

The ‘Visitors’ feature increases conversions by showing how many visitors a specific page has gotten over the past 1, 7 or 30 days.

  • Star Ratings

This feature allows you to automatically collect star ratings from your clients and display them on your website and in Google search results to get more organic traffic. What’s more, the upcoming features include the possibility to include star ratings from other rating platforms like ProvenExpert, etc.  

  • Social Count

It displays the number of your social media followers on your website. Website visitors become your social media followers with just one click on the Social Count widget.

To sum up this section, here’s a table summarizing the main and Endorsal’s features:
Text TestimonialsYesYes
Video TestimonialsNoYes
Dedicated testimonials page template YesNo
Forms to collect customer reviewsYesYes
Pop-ups (notifications)YesYes
Star RatingsYesYes
Real-time visitor countNoYes
Conversion notifications NoYes
Social CountNoYes and Endorsal additional perks

We have reviewed the main social proof features of and Endorsal. Now let’s explore some additional perks these tools offer.

  • Customization and ready-made templates

It can be crucial to have the ability to fully customize social proof notifications to match your website look and feel. Both tools allow you to fully customize social proof notifications or choose one of the pre-defined templates to save time. Nice, isn’t it?

  • Integrations

You can integrate and Endorsal with multiple third-party platforms such as Zapier, Unbounce, and WordPress to simplify the lead generation.

The following features are available only in because Endorsal doesn’t support many social proof tools (Video Testimonials, Conversions widget, Visitors widget, Social Count). However, we should provide you with a comprehensive picture of So, let’s dive a bit deeper!

  • Rules

In the nutshell, this feature allows you to set up specific rules to display notifications and target visitors based on different metrics. has advanced rules which control how many times, and under what conditions the widget appears. These rules vary depending on the feature you use.

  • eSigning Contract (available only in

Document the agreements with customers regarding publishing their testimonial to establish a GDPR compliant relationship with your clients.

  • Recording or uploading Videos with an integrated video hosting solution (available only in

It offers you to host videos within the platform without wasting your money and time on third-party hosting services.

  • Integrating Facebook and YouTube Videos (available only in allows you to collect existing videos from these two social media platforms and, as a result, adopt video testimonials NOW. 

  • Support for multiple languages (available only in

Speaking of the support for different languages of the dashboard, Endorsal is localized in six languages (English, German, French, Spanish, Italian, Norwegian). At the same time,’s dashboard is available in English and German. 

When it comes to the content of widgets, both Endorsal and’s notifications are available in more than 70 languages so you can match the widget language to your visitors’ native language. vs Endorsal pricing

The basic Endorsal plan starts at $19 per month and allows up to 5,000 unique monthly visitors. This plan includes only one type of social proof, Testimonials. You can collect and use as a widget a maximum of 50 unique testimonials. The worst thing is that you can’t remove Endorsal branding using this paid tier.

The full functionality is available only in the Professional plan, which costs $99 per month. The priciest plan is $249 per month for up to 500k visitors monthly. It fits agencies. 

At the same time, the minimum tier starts from $16 per month if billed annually. Although Endorsal charges even a bit more for their minimum pack, it doesn’t offer so much social proof functionality as does. That means you get access to all possible social proof techniques immediately when you’ve bought the tool: Text and Video Testimonials, Star Rating, Social Count, user activity notifications (Visits and Conversions). 

Speaking of the test period, both tools have a free 14-day trial

To cut the story short, if you want to experience the full power of social proof, check out (Endorsal offers only one feature in its starter pack, a testimonial static widget). vs Endorsal user interface

Both tools have vertical layouts with two basic fields: social proof tools and settings on the left and working space on the right. The design is sleek and intuitive.

However, the features are grouped a bit differently. Since Endorsal offers only one social proof feature, its menu on the left shows all settings related to testimonials: forms, widgets, popups, etc. 

At the same time, provides users with a wide set of social proof functionality. Using the dashboard, you can see all the available tools at once. Just one click – and you start configuring the social proof technique you choose:

All features’ settings are becoming available smoothly when you start setting up any social proof type you like: Text Testimonials, Video Testimonials, Star Ratings, Conversions, etc. 

Now let’s take a look at how to start using and Endorsal. Both tools offer users installation snippets. You need to copy-paste them into the code of your website pages right before the </head> tag. 

However, goes the extra mile here and gives you an option to avoid managing your website code. You can find a WordPress plugin in the dashboard, so there is no need to copy your snippet code into your WordPress installation. Just install the plugin, enter your API code and everything is ready. vs Endorsal user support

Let’s start from the very beginning, the moment when you sign in. Endorsal and offer a product tour to all new users:

Next, both tools have a dedicated help center to assist users with their issues. Also, they give specific clues when a user starts using any feature within the tools:

However, it’s worth mentioning that Endorsal’s hints appear automatically with the sound on every next menu tab you’ve clicked. If you don’t close them, hints accumulate on the right side of the dashboard and hinder your work. Plus, the sound is becoming annoying after ten minutes of using the app.’s clues pop up only after you click on the help widget and change accordingly while you are moving between the tool’s sections. 

Next, live chat support is available in both tools. Nevertheless, Endorsal’s support chat doesn’t work in real-time:

Endorsal’s support options end here, but’s ones don’t. suggests some additional channels where you can get user support: 

  • Video coaching sessions to help users get to know when and how to implement social proof,
  • Free live onboarding sessions in any format (screen sharing, messaging, audio call, video call),
  • A few additional resources like a public roadmap and a news feed featuring the latest tool updates. vs Endorsal: which one is for you?

While both of them are social proof tools, and Endorsal have some key differences. Since Endorsal was designed as a testimonial tool, it provides users only with testimonial-related features. In contrast, has a much broader functionality, as it basically offers any kind of social proof.

We’ve taken a look at these tools and actually evaluated their capabilities. We are now ready to share our last word on and Endorsal.

A quick summary of the comparison would be this: has many robust social proof features (text and video testimonials, star ratings, user activity notifications, social count, etc.) and Endorsal is focused only on text testimonials.

If you’re still in doubt which of them to choose, consider the following:

Pricing. Although Endorsal doesn’t have much to offer, its cost is equal to’s one. Their packs will cost you $19 per month if billed annually. 

Support. Both tools have a dedicated help center, handy onboarding notifications, and live chat. Also, suggests some additional channels where you can get user support: video coaching sessions and a few resources like a public roadmap and a news feed featuring the latest tool updates. 

Features. Both tools let you feature text testimonials on your website. 

However, when it comes to more advanced social proof techniques like video testimonials, social count, star rating, user activity notifications (Visits and Conversions), wins the race.

Summary: The choice depends on the goal you want to achieve. If you’re looking for an easy-to-use, comprehensive, and feature-rich social proof tool for your website, you might end up using If you’re looking only for testimonials, Endorsal might be the better choice. However, it’s worth mentioning that their starter packs cost the same. So why would you get less than you can with Endorsal?

We hope that this article helped you make the right decision. If you still don’t know which tool to use, we suggest giving a try. The setup and user interface are extremely easy to use. What’s more, we are adding to our list of features every day. Sign up today for a free 14-day trial!

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