Tips on How to Utilize Social Proof on Your Website

If you are being smart about your marketing, then you will take a closer look at how social proof works and how it can deliver the results that you are looking for in your campaign.

But first, let us discuss a bit about social proof. What is social proof? The concept of social proof isn’t new. Its concept has been around for decades. Social proof is a psychological phenomenon wherein people tend to conform towards the behavior of other people thinking that it’s the correct behavior.

Just how exactly does social proof affect our decisions as consumers? If you have a choice whether to go to a busy restaurant filled with a lot of customers or to stick to some restaurant that has empty seats, you will subconsciously pick the former mainly because it’s the most popular choice.

And because it is highly effective in increasing conversions, it has been used as a tool by different businesses towards their favor.

To give you an idea of exactly how effective social proof works, 70% of online consumers today take a closer look at a product review first before even making a purchase.  In addition to this, product reviews are 12 times more trusted by consumers than product descriptions and sales copy coming from the company itself.

So how exactly can you utilize social proof on your website?

1. Trust Seals

Trust Seals are a great way to get the attention of visitors to your website. What it Trust Seals imply is that your company has been considered trustworthy by highly reputable organizations. In fact, in a split test made by Blue Fountain Media, adding a Verisign trust seal on their website increased their conversion by 42%.

Trust Seal

Trust Seals give users a peace of mind especially when they have to give out information when they are filling out your website. Is your business accredited by the Better Business Bureau? Utilizing its seal to your advantage can make a huge impact on how you convert customers.

2. Testimonials as Social Proof

Short testimonials from your customers are another great way to maximize social proof on your website. What you have to understand is that word-of-mouth advertising remains the most trustworthy marketing strategy. In one study by Nielsen, 68% of consumers actually trust consumer opinion posted online.

But not only should you use quotes, but it is also even more effective if you use high-quality photos when you decide to include testimonials. Be sure that the photo you use of the person who gave the testimonial looks smiling.

And also, it is important to choose who your ideal customer is when it comes to choosing a testimonial. It is a good idea that you find a customer that represents your market. And also, it is ideal that they emphasize exactly how your product or service made a huge difference.

3. Social Media Shares to gain Social Proof

Social media is a prime tool that can be utilized for social proof. It is no secret that things that go viral on social media usually get more credibility from your niche. For a website, what you can do is to add sharing buttons together with the number of shares on different social media channels.

This is typically utilized in blog posts. What it does is give readers more confidence to the information published by the website.

social shares

4. Include Data and Statistics

Social proof is all about the numbers. As they say, numbers don’t lie. For this reason, it makes a good idea to use numbers and statistics whenever making your content. You can even use infographics to make all the numbers easier to absorb by your audience.

And to be able to connect the numbers to the point you are trying to make, it becomes easier to convert your readers.

What numbers can do is affect the buying decision of your reader. Numbers and statistics can create a sense of urgency and even convince the reader that they really need the product or service that you are selling.

What are examples of numbers and statistics that you can use to your advantage?

  • Years of experience
  • Customers you have served over the years
  • The number of employees in your business
  • Number of branches and your locations
  • Price of your item compared to that of your competition

Code Academy made use of numbers to their advantage this way.

social proof numbers

So what if you don’t have the impressive numbers yet? You actually don’t have to hurry.  You can always wait for a while and let your company grow more before you display your numbers.

5. Media Mentions

Reputable websites and media outlets are picky who they should feature. In fact, people believe that there should be something special about your company in order to land on a notable website. In some occasions, it really is!

Just by adding a logo of the media outlets and saying that you have been mentioned by these organizations can already make a huge impact on your audience.


Everyone wants a good deal. In fact, a lot of people fail to assess their wants and needs. For a lot of consumers, they simply become highly compulsive with buying decisions. And for this reason, it becomes easier to convince them whenever they are in an emotional state. And one great way to trigger emotion is by creating a sense of urgency.

Are you familiar with the concept of FOMO (fear of missing out)? It says that people are most likely buying something when they are on the verge of missing out an opportunity.


Companies that offer Groupons are commonly using this strategy. Some are even using a timer to send a message to its consumers that it is only a limited offer.


It is hard to get the trust of your niche, especially for newly established businesses. However, with the right strategy, you can get the trust of your audience. The use of social proof in your marketing strategy can make drastic changes in your website’s performance.

These are some of the most common strategies used by different companies in order to maximize the use of social proof on their website. Remember though to track your conversions and see which social proof strategy works best for your website.

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