​Use Google Analytics and Facebook Pixel GDPR compliant on your websites!

Privacy-Maker is a cost-free & easy-to-use tool to control user consent  through the use of cookies. Google Analytics and Facebook Pixel were already built-in and you can just add any custom scripts if needed.


​GDPR​​ Compliant

With ​GDPR and ePrivacy, cookies may no longer be sent without the visitor’s consent. ​

Privacy-Maker helps you to make your website(s) GDPR compliant.

Let Your Visitors Decide

Let your users decide if they want to accept tracking codes like Google Analytics or Facebook Pixel. 

​Or ​offer your visitor the ability to opt-out anytime.

Real-time GEO Targeting

You can set Privacy-Maker to only show website visitors if they're EU citizens or if consent has already been provided.

​Your Style!​

Style your widget to fit the look of your website!


We offer three templates to help you in styling; define the shape and set the colors according to your liking!

​Google Analytics &
Facebook Pixel

The Privacy-Maker contains all necessary JavaScript snippets for Google Analytics and Facebook Pixel. All you have to do is input your Google ID or Facebook Pixel ID and you're good to go.

After an opt-in, the JavaScript snippets code will be loaded into your website without the need to reload and it will be replaced by the GDPR compliant solution.

Custom Scripts

You can use your custom JavaScript snippets to support solutions like Hotjar or Matomo.

Just add your code in your configuration and it will be handled along with the built-in GA and Facebook code in accordance to your visitor's choice.

​​Your Text!

​​You can customize all the texts, labels and buttons.


You can offer an opt-in or opt-out option.

Even the colors can be set very easily!

​No Costs -

Absolutely free!

Frequently Asked Questions

​​How can I get help during setup?

You may contact us any time through the Chat option on your Dashboard. You may also find self-help video tutorials there.

Does Privacy-Maker work with Matomo/Piwik?

Yes! Privacy-Maker works with all JavaScript-based tracking tools. We've already built in the JavaScript for Google Analytics and Facebook Pixel but you decide which one you want to use and you can insert your custom scripts any time. Our solution will run any JavaScript you include based on your visitor's choice.

​Is Privacy-Maker ​available for Wordpress?

Yes! We have a Wordpress plugin, so adding it on your Wordpress-based site has been made easy!

Will Privacy-Maker protect me from receiving a cease and desist letter from a third party?

We can not guarantee this for now. But updates on the Privacy-Marker are being developed to make way for newer features.

Does the Privacy-Maker automatically recognize cookies?

Our Privacy-Maker does not automatically recognize cookies and cannot automatically block them as that is not technically possible. Once you've put in the JavaScript snippet, it sets a cookie and we will deliver this to you depending on the visitor's chosen setting.

Why is Privacy-Maker free of charge?

We initially built Privacy-Maker for our own websites and we already have the complete infrastructure to run it. Since we are already offering the Deal-Maker (which you can buy, by the way), we decided to offer Privacy-Maker to the public for free.