A Complete Checklist of How to Grow Your Email List

Email marketing is, without a doubt, one of the most powerful ways of digital marketing. With other methods of marketing, you don’t have any connection with your potential customers. On the other hand, customers on your email list are your contacts to which you can send marketing emails repeatedly.

And as you continue to learn more about them over the course of time, you can make your emails more personalized to improve your conversions. However, the first challenge for you is to build a huge email list and create a system in which there are hundreds of different touch points to collect your prospects’ email addresses.

Here is a complete checklist of the many ways for you to collect email addresses of your potential customers.

50 Ways to Grow Your Email List

1. Come up with creative ways to collect business cards at different types of events. For example, put a large glass bowl visibly at a gathering and ask people to drop their business cards in it.

2. Whenever you meet new people, offer them your business card. They will usually offer theirs as a nice gesture.

3. Arrange an event and ask attendees to leave their email addresses so you can send them follow-up emails.

4. Run an online giveaway wherein people have to participate by providing their email addresses.

5. Create a list of customers whose mailing address is in your database. Ask them in the mail to share their email addresses with you.

6. Cold-call prospects to obtain their emails.

7. Start a blog and share valuable information. Ask people to subscribe to receive notifications.

8. Create YouTube videos and ask in them in each of those videos to subscribe to your blog. Don’t forget to add in a click-through link on the video or a way on the description bar for them to do so.

9. Introduce a lead magnet on the website in the form of a coupon, e-book, or anything of value and exchange it for an email address.

10. Ask your Social Media followers to subscribe to and follow your blog while also providing their email address.

11. Hold a webinar (web seminar), promote them on Social Media, then ask them for their email for the purpose of RSVP.

12. Chat with your website visitors through a chat feature and collect email addresses during conversation.

13. Put a contact form on your website that requires whoever will be contacting to put in their email address.

14. Break your blog posts in two parts. Offer the first part for free but the other in exchange for an email. Just make sure the first part of your post is enticing enough. A tip: a cliffhanger is your best bet.

15. Encourage referrals and ask your existing customers to bring in more customers; offer a perk for that effort.

16. Create quizzes on the website and tell visitors they can receive detailed results via email.

17. Answer questions on Quora and ask people to visit your blog and to subscribe to it.

18. Write guest posts and benefit from the readers and other blogs.

19. Take advantage of lead forms on SlideShare to get emails.

20. Put QR codes on your products that take visitors to your landing page. Ask them to sign up with their emails.

21. Request visitors on your blog to provide email before commenting.

22. Take advantage of a creative lightbox form to receive email addresses.

23. Create a mobile app and require email address for a one-time login.

24. Use influencer marketing to get the attention of more people.

25. Offer free access to a professional version of your software/application in exchange for an email address.

26. Collect emails and other contact details on tradeshows.

27. Offer professional courses through emails.

28. Use the new call to action button feature from Facebook to increase email subscribers.

29. Offer to send sample of your products in exchange for their email.

30. Run contests like giving a fan a chance to meet a celebrity, then ask for email addresses to be a part of the contest and as a way for them to receive winner announcement.

31. Create powerful affiliate marketing programs.

32. Create B2B partners and ask them to promote your services/products to their customers.

33. Do SMS marketing to invite people to give their email addresses.

34. Create an email sign-up form right on the home page of your website.

35. Introduce offers in your brick and mortar business locations in exchange of emails.

36. Show customers your current subscriber count when asking for their emails so they’d feel more comfortable about subscribing themselves.

37. Tell customers what your current subscribers are getting when asking for their emails.

38. Run sweepstakes on the website and ask for emails where you can send details.

39. Ask customers to complete surveys to get an incentive like a discount and politely ask for their emails during the survey.

40. Introduce multiple discount offers on your website based on different segments of your market.

41. Offer several types of discounts like free shipping, 20% discount, etc. but ask to send coupon code in email.

42. Introduce an exit-form on your website to collect email before someone leaves your page.

43. Keep opt-in forms as short as possible.

44. Cold-call old and inactive customers to ask if maybe they have a new email address.

45. Start Twitter campaigns for your followers to win valuable items but ask them to share their emails to be a part of the campaign.

46. Introduce quote calculators on the website and ask for emails to send quotes.

47. Make opt-in forms interesting by putting a funny statement on the opt-out option like “I don’t want to be cool.”

48. Promote contact on email as a preferred way to solve customer concerns and say it is faster than phone calls.

49. Hire influencers to have live video chat with followers. Tell the followers that the influencer will do something interesting if the email list reaches a certain number.

50. Ask followers to give you their email to participate in a birthday club where you send them unique gifts on their birthdays.

While the list may seem quite lengthy, you have to understand your target audience first to figure out which method will work best for them. It is also imperative that you maintain a healthy relationship with your existing email subscribers because if they feel valued by being on your email list, they will encourage others to do the same, too.

In the end, take advantage of email segmentation to make the most of your email list.

Top 12 Ways to Grow Your Email List

Emailing is one of the most effective ways to do digital or internet marketing. While a banner ad on a website is for every visitor to see, an email, on the other hand, approaches the customer on a more personal level. It provides companies with opportunities to say more to their leads. Recent statistics reveal that email marketing can increase the spending of a consumer by 138% compared to a user who does not receive an email. Moreover, the return on investment on every dollar a company spends on marketing is incredibly huge for emails. 

Build Fire

If email marketing is such a productive tool, it only makes sense for you to grow your email list using every possible method. So, we have compiled 12 of the best ways to do just that.


Believe it or not, the first rule in growing your email list is to make it your nature to ask your followers and views to subscribe. You can learn this trick from YouTubers who would not end any video without asking for subscriptions and likes. If you already have a few followers on any of your social networking accounts, ask them to simply subscribe to your emails to get more from you or your business. Don’t hesitate from doing this as it costs you nothing to ask them to be on your emailing list. 

Offer A Downloadable Item 

It does not matter which industry or profession you serve, you can always create an e-book that offers value to your website or blog visitors. You may then ask them to download the e-book in exchange for their emails. That’s called a lead magnet — you offer some value to entice your website visitors.  

Woopie Blog

 Offer Content Upgrade 

This method is one of the most creative ones. You simply offer an upgraded version of your content in exchange for their email. In fact, you could offer a simple blog post in exchange for an email, too. Below is an amazing example of how you can use content upgrade to grow your email list.  

Optin Monster

Block the Content 

To do this, you will have to be an expert in your field/profession. If you think your content is so valuable that people will provide their emails to get it, lock some part of the content. But be sure that the visible part of the content is good and enticing enough to make your visitors provide their emails to view the rest of it.   

The Muse

Offer Interesting Quizzes  

Quizzes are actually a great marketing tool to collect email addresses. Curiosity is every human’s nature and people are most curious to know about themselves. Quizzes can help you use this psychological fact to your advantage. Offer an interesting quiz but provide the results of the quiz only when the users provide their emails. A better way to say that is by telling them that you will email them their results.  

Give Discount Codes 

While selecting a way to ask for emails from your website visitors, you have to keep in mind that different methods work better for different types of businesses. If you have an e-commerce website, offering an e-book might not be the best strategy for you. Instead, you should offer your website visitors a free discount codes for providing their email addresses.  This way, you not only get their email, you might possibly turn one or two viewers to actual customers.

Know Band

Launch a Giveaway Campaign 

Giveaways are excellent ways to get the emails of your website visitors. However, this campaign works best when you run on social media platforms. In fact, YouTube has proven to be a great online platform to launch giveaways and collect email addresses. Ask your followers to provide their email as an entry to win your giveaway.

Distinct Vendors

Use QR (Quick Response) Codes 

If you are a business that sells its own products, you can benefit from the QR code. Add a QR code on every piece of item that you produce then ink the QR code to the page where you can offer a discount code or some other lead magnet in exchange for an email.  

Steve Anderson

Take Advantage of the Exit Pop-up  

Who would have thought that exit pop-ups would be a thing? Marketers have used entry pop-ups on websites only to infuriate website visitors. When people open a website, they want to see the website, not a pop-up screen. However, an exit pop-up appears as soon as a visitor approaches the “x” button to close the tab.  

Optin Monster

Deploy Live Chat 

Live chat service is one of the most productive ways of growing your email lists since there is a human touch involved in it. Let live chatters greet the visitors on your website. These live chat agents can then offer users help with navigation or finding something specific. During the conversation, the chat agent can collect the email address by using any of the hundreds of phrases like, “Let me have your email address just in case we get disconnected”. You can even require customers to enter their email before initiating a conversation with one your agents.  

Kiss Metrics

Add a Contact Form on your Website 

It is best that you offer help in some form or another before convincing the website visitors to fill out the form. Of course, for the more common question, you may direct them to your FAQs page. Then from there, you may ask them to contact you through your Contact Form if they have any more questions, or if they have some suggestions or something to say. 

Captain Form

Offer A Recorded Webinar (Web-Based Seminar)

One of the issues with webinars is that only a few people from the consenting show up at the time of the live event. It is for this reason that many webinar software companies now offer webinar recordings as part of their subscriptions. Use your blog or social media accounts to inform people that they can receive a recorded copy of the webinar by providing their emails.  

Webinar Ninja

You understand at this point that there are hundreds of different ways for you to convince people to give their email addresses. The most important thing is to be creative and use these same methods in a unique way to make more people give you their emails. In the end, create a marketing plan and be consistent with your strategy. Do not be all over the place by trying out every method possible without realizing which one works best for your business.

Read more about lead magnets on our post about the key elements for a successful lead conversion. You may also learn more about Growth Hacking and some of its most successful examples.