Show testimonials from happy customers and attract even more customers.

Instead of waiting and begging your customers to leave a testimonial, let crowdy.ai gather and display your testimonials – all you have to do is approve them and they’re on your site.

Use it as

Notification Widget

Show testimonials as notifications on your home page, product pages or landing pages.

On-page element

Show testimonials as part of your pages, either as a static element or a carousel.


Notification Widget

Onpage Badges

Clickable Snippet

GDPR Compliant

Customization of look & feel

Just one line of code

Ready... Steady... GO!

How it works

Step 1

Customer purchases product

Step 2

Customer receives a link

Step 3

Customer writes their testimonial and (optionally) uploads a photo


crowdy.ai works on the data.

Step 4

You approve the testimonial and it goes live on your website

Your own style

Customization of look & feel

Change the look of your testimonials to match your website, using different colors, shapes, fonts and animations.

Don’t have the time? Simply use one of our templates and get started right away.

Beta Available

Join the beta now and get free access

crowdy.ai is currently in beta, which means you get free access to all features, as well as personal help with setup.